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What Causes the E1 Error in Toshiba Washing Machines? Solutions Provided


Nội dung bài viết
  • 1. Why Does a Toshiba Washing Machine Show the E1 Error?
  • 2. Troubleshooting Methods for Toshiba Washing Machine E1 Error
  • Encountering the E1 Error on Your Toshiba Washing Machine? Find Out What It Means!

    1. Why Does a Toshiba Washing Machine Show the E1 Error?

    There are numerous reasons why a Toshiba washing machine displays the E1 error, and here are some of the most common ones:

    Cause 1: Drainage Pipe Malfunction

    The E1 error on Toshiba washing machines can be caused by a drainage pipe malfunction. This could happen if the drainage pipe slips off the washing machine or if it becomes bent or kinked, leading to blockages that prevent water drainage.

    Cause 2: Excessively High Drainage Pipe

    An excessively high drainage pipe is also a common cause of the E1 error in Toshiba washing machines. Normally, the drainage pipe should be lower than the bottom of the washing machine to ensure smooth water discharge. The height discrepancy may occur due to improper plumbing during house construction, resulting in slow or inadequate water drainage.

    Cause 3: Waterlogged Drainage End

    Did you know that a washing machine failing to retain water, causing it to overflow and submerge the drainage end, can lead to very slow or almost no water drainage, resulting in the E1 error on Toshiba washing machines?

    Cause 4: Improperly Installed Drainage Pipe

    It could be due to the drainage pipe being improperly installed, either misaligned or detached from the washing machine, causing the control circuit board to not command water drainage.

    Cause 5: Presence of Foreign Objects Blocking the Drainage Path

    While loading clothes into the washing machine, you might forget to remove small items such as socks, coins, face masks, or makeup remover pads, causing blockages in the drainage path inside the drum.

    Cause 6: Malfunctioning Control Circuit Board

    Ultimately, it could be due to a malfunctioning washing machine control circuit board failing to initiate water drainage, resulting in the E1 error on Toshiba washing machines.

    Your Toshiba washing machine is showing the E1 error, what to do?

    2. Troubleshooting Methods for Toshiba Washing Machine E1 Error

    Before proceeding, make sure to unplug the power cord for your safety.

    Step 1: Check the drainage hose

    Based on the mentioned causes, it's crucial to inspect the drainage pipe for any bends or blockages caused by foreign objects. Error E1 in Toshiba washing machines can also result from a buildup of grime and small items like face masks, cotton pads, or socks. Upon inspection, if such items are found, promptly remove and clean them to ensure the washing machine can resume normal operation.

    Start by checking if the drainage pipe is bent, leading to blockage.

    Step 2: Verify the positioning of the drainage pipe.

    Following the first step, it's important to examine the positioning of the drainage pipe. If the inspection reveals that the wastewater pipe is positioned too high relative to the washing machine or above floor level, it needs to be lowered. This adjustment ensures optimal functionality of the washing machine. Simply remove and reposition it lower than the base of the washing machine or flush with the floor.

    Step 3: Check the position of the drainage hose.

    When you inspect and find that the drainage hose has slipped out of the washing machine, you need to use screws to tighten it back in place. If after tightening the drainage hose everything seems fine but the washing machine still shows an error, you need to inspect the machine's drain valve.

    You need to check if the end of the drainage hose has slipped out.

    Step 4: Inspect the drain valve.

    You need to remove the filter to clean out debris and remove any obstructions. When you find that the washing machine's drain valve is obstructed, blocked by dirt or debris. This cleaning will help the pump of the machine return to normal operation. If after cleaning the filter of the drain valve the Toshiba washing machine still shows E1 error, then you need to replace the drain valve.

    Step 5: Drain the water so that the end of the drainage hose can discharge water outside.

    As mentioned earlier, the head of the drainage hose will not be able to discharge water when it is submerged in water. You should drain the water and place the end of the drainage hose in a suitable location so that it can discharge water regularly, ensuring the washing machine operates normally without blockages.

    Step 6: Check the machine's circuit board.

    Finally, you should check the machine's circuit board. This component is composed of many complex electronic components, so you need skills and expertise to handle this issue. Therefore, if after checking all the above issues the Toshiba washing machine still reports an error, you should seek the assistance of professional repair technicians with specialized knowledge to diagnose and resolve this problem.

    A faulty circuit board in the Toshiba washing machine can lead to the E1 error.

    With the information shared above, hopefully, you have been able to understand the causes of the E1 error in Toshiba washing machines or Toshiba Inverter Washer Dryer 10.5/7 Kg TWD-BM115GF4V(SK) and how to address each case. For simple cases such as disassembly and cleaning, you can handle it yourself. However, for complex cases involving electronic components, it is advisable to seek assistance from skilled technicians!